This will be a very challenging and somewhat grueling 36 hour (or 12 hour) event. Our goal is to combine strenuous Midwestern farm chores with military boot camp, trail running, strongman training and whatever else somewhat punishing we can come up with. Think of it as Conan the Barbarian meets Full Metal Jacket with a dash of Deliverance mixed in for fun!

You may want to get familiar with shooting a shot gun, bailing or carrying hay, using post hole diggers, carrying all kinds of heavy stuff. We would also recommend going to a pig or calf scramble at the local fair! Plus, you may want to experience the effects of pepper spray! HA HA … again these are all JUST possibilities and the actual tasks will not be revealed until you encounter them at the event.

Base camp will be your tent in a hay field. You are allowed a limited crew due to the size of these small country roads. No RVs or buses please! You are NOT allowed to sleep once the event begins.

See the “Race Info” tab below for more information, including required gear.