photo[6]I come to Gut Check to be pushed beyond what I could ever do working out on my own. Having like-minded individuals around me constantly pushes me to go a little faster or a little harder. The atmosphere is both competitive and extremely supportive. And it’s a great way to de-stress after a long work day (and a great excuse to leave work at a decent hour!). I’m addicted!

I started working out with Gut Check almost 4 years ago, and I was very hesitant to push myself too hard after a knee injury (requiring 2 surgeries) from playing soccer. At one point my doctor told me I should change my lifestyle and start swimming or biking, which was pretty depressing to hear.

Over the years, Gut Check has pushed me to my physical limits, and then beyond. It took me a long time to get where I am now, and I view it as a continual process of redefining limits.

lauren-a-7For a long time I had this mental block that caused me to give up before I should have, and I wouldn’t give 100% or even come close to reaching my physical limits. My workouts lacked consistency and when I did show up I got stuck in my head a lot and never viewed myself as a serious competitor, which limited my progress. Once I learned to push past that, the results have been incredible. Through the whole journey Joe, Nicole, and all the Gut Check instructors have always shown belief in me and seen the potential in me, even when I didn’t always see it in myself.

I have seen so many positive results since working out with Gut Check, but I’ve noticed the biggest difference when I started coming to class consistently (4-5 days a week). I have become faster, stronger, and I get so many comments on how much my body has transformed. I have shaved my mile time down by over 2 minutes since I first started Gut Check and my endurance in longer distance runs has increased tremendously.

In addition, I have gone down 3 pants sizes, see more muscle definition throughout my entire body, and my confidence in both my physical appearance and in my athletic ability has increased tenfold.

I recently completed the Gut Check Challenge which was easily the most difficult physical lauren a 4event that I have ever done in my life, and pushed me so far beyond what I ever thought I was capable of (both physically and mentally) and nearly broke me at one point. By the end of the race I was able to push past my breaking point and finished feeling strong, amongst some of the toughest and strongest athletes I know.

What I love about Gut Check is that I get an amazing workout from people who truly love what they do. The instructors are constantly changing things up so the workouts are always different, and my body never gets used to it.

lauren a 2It’s always a challenge, but I always have a great time. All of the instructors at Gut Check are incredibly positive and everybody is out there to get fit and have a great time at the same time. We all push each other to keep going and go a little faster, harder, or a little longer–and it’s a testament that we all keep coming back for more! I’ve made so many new friends through Gut Check and we really have become a big family. We all sign up for different races together as individuals and often as teams which gives us common goals to work towards. The fact that Gut Checkers consistently bring home so many medals at various races says a lot about the quality of training provided.

I hate the gym, it’s stuffy, crowded, and boring. I love that Gut Check is a no-frills workout where I just show up with my dumbbells and water. I get to enjoy the fresh air and outdoor scenery and get a better workout than I ever would in a gym. I like that the instructors are out there doing the workout with us, instead of standing around barking orders like some other boot camp companies. I love that Joe and Nicole are always encouraging us to set goals for photo[5]ourselves, whether it’s completing a race or just improving on physical fitness testing. Through classes in the canyons and the King of the Hill events I have discovered a love of trail running and have explored so many beautiful trails in San Diego that I never knew existed before. In a nutshell, what sets Gut Check apart from other workout programs are the people, the positivity, the push to always better yourself (even when you feel like you have nothing left in you), and the undeniable results.

– Lauren Adamek, Gut Check Member